Titin Fatimah Klara Puspa Indrawati Nafi’ah Solikah Theresia Budi Jayanti


Borobudur Temple as a world heritage site has been major tourism destination in Indonesia. Actually, local guides have initiated rural tourism program since 2004 to enrich Borobudur visitor’s experience into natural nuance of village life. Giritengah, one of the villages, becomes case study of this paper due to its valuable historical and cultural potentials. A crowd of photographer communities have found spot in several hills around Giritengah to capture wonderful moment of sunrise. Through social media, these get bigger and frequent, thus motivated groups of locals to operate the spots. However, non-collective management of rural tourism in Giritengah creates social conflicts and profit competition among them. This paper elaborates influences of global tourism to Giritengah vernacular lives culturally and economically. This researchs uses qualitative method with observation, interviews, cultural mapping and literature study as data collection. Research result showed Giritengah received direct and indirectly influences from tourism activities in the area. From the economic dimension, there are a number of villagers who work on tourism sectors. From the social cultural dimension, the existence of interaction with outsiders (in this case is tourist) has influenced the mind set and life style of the


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