Sarojini Imran


The planned relocation of the capital from Jakarta to Penajam Paser Utara Regency, East Kalimantan, will cause the city of Jakarta to change the identity of the city, which was previously the central government. The history of changes in the former capital, namely Bukit Tinggi City and Yogyakarta, shows the regeneration of the city as a heritage and cultural tourism destination. Jakarta also has the potential to become a city of
cultural tourism destination, besides having many historic buildings and cultural centers. Most people regard the heritage area in Jakarta is only Kota Tua, even though there are areas more critical in terms of historical value and heritage of historic buildings, especially buildings as the history of the formation of the Indonesian state. For example, it is the Pasar Baru-Kwitang-Cikini heritage trail, which has more than 28 historic building points that have the potential to become heritage tourism areas, but very few understand them due to the lack of support for supporting heritage tourism areas. This study aims to identify the potential of the Pasar Baru-Kwitang- Cikini area for developed as a heritage trail. This research uses
qualitative methods, data collection, and semi-structured interviews. Descriptive analysis through multi-disciplinary discussions between History, Urban Planning, Tourism, and Socio-Culture. By presenting spatial analysis from one region to another in the assessment of the inheritance trail. The results of this study indicate that the Heritage trail of the Pasar Baru-Kwitang-Cikini inheritance is a potential pathway for city regeneration to revive historical and cultural areas. With a combination of preserved building potentials and cultural areas that can start heritage areas become Heritage tourism destinations.


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